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  • Professor Karen Dubinsky


Global Development Studies Department Queen’s University,

Kingston Ontario, Canada

How children are figured in the political posters of states, parties and social movements globally through the twentieth century.



Babies Without Borders: Adoption and Migration Conflicts Across the Americas (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, and New York: New York University Press, 2010)

  • Dr. Vivian J. Carlson

Associate Professor, Chair,

Human Development & Family Studies, Saint Joseph College,



Interface of culture and development and its impact on parenting, attachment, and the relational context of aggression among girls.


Ongoing ethnographic study of women from resource-poor backgrounds in Guyana, South America and the U.S. who become transformative leaders in their communities.

Attachment, Culture, and the Caregiving System: The Cultural Patterning of Everyday Experiences Among Anglo and Puerto Rican Mother-Infant Pairs. Koln, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing (2009).


With Harwood, R.L., "Attachment, Culture, and the Caregiving System: The Cultural Patterning of Everyday Experiences Among Anglo and Puerto Rican Mother-infant Pairs," Infant Mental Health Journal, 24, 53-73, 2003




  • Professor María Claudia Duque- Páramo






School of Nursing,

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana









Parental migration,

Childhood and migration,

Children’s perspectives on punishment,

The experiences and health situation of Colombian children living parental migration.






No me gusta pero está bien si me porto mal. Voces sobre el castigo de niñas y niños de un barrio de Bogotá (I do not like, but it´s okay if I misbehave. Voices of girls and boys from a neighborhood of Bogotá about punishment). Investigación en Enfermería Imagen y Desarrollo 10(1): 113-134 (2008)

  • Dr. María Florencia Amigó


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Macquarie University




Children in migrant families

Independent Child Migration

Child Labour

Children living in poverty in the developing world


Children Chasing Money: Children’s Work in Rural Lombok, Indonesia, VDM Publishers (2010)


'Small Bodies, Large Contribution: Children's Work in the Tobacco Plantations of Lombok, Indonesia', The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, 11: 1, 34 — 51 (2010)

  • Angela Melchiorre


Research Coordinator/Research Student,


Right to Education Project-ActionAid International


School of Advanced Study-University of London, UK

The Right to Education Project aims to strengthen worldwide implementation of the right to education through the promotion of legal awareness, social mobilisation, research and advocacy.


PhD research - issue of child marriage and its link with the definition of the child in the CRC.

At what age?... are school-children employed, married and taken to court? (The Right to Education Project/UNESCO-IBE, 2004, 2 nd Edition),


‘Marrying protection and autonomy’ , in Measuring Maturity: Understanding children's 'evolving capacities', CRIN Review 23 (Child Rights Information Network, London, October 2009)

  • Aviva Sinervo

Phd Candidate/Instructor (Anthropology)

University Of California, Santa Cruz,




Child Labour,

Children’s Assistance Programs, Volunteer Tourism With Children, Children’s Agency,

Household Economies,

Affectivity And Emotion Work, Peru


The Visual Economy Of Andean Childhood Poverty: Interpreting Postcards In Cusco, Peru.” (With Michael Hill.) Forthcoming In The Journal Of Latin American And Caribbean Anthropology.


“Expressions Of Childhood And Poverty In A Peruvian Children’s Center”. Anthropology News 49(4):30-31(2008)

  • Catriona Ellis

PhD Candidate

University of Edinburgh, UK/Madras Institute of Development Studies



Social history of children and childhood in the Madras Presidency, South India during the 1920s and 1930s. Particular focus on education, health and play

“Education for All: Reassessing the Historiography of Education in Colonial India,” History Compass, (Vol 6, Dec 2008)

  • Dr. Dan Cook


Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Department of Childhood Studies,

Rutgers University,



Children’s engagement with consumer and popular culture; who children and childhood interact with, change and are changed in relation to commercial life; how such changes and interactions vary with regard to social structures, contexts of social life; the extent to which the “globalization of childhood” is related to the “globalization” of market culture; change in parenting practices as related to economic/cultural capital


2009 “Semantic Provisioning of Children’s Food: Commerce, Care and Maternal Practice.” Childhood. 16(3), 317-334.


2008 “The Missing Child in Consumption Theory.” Journal of Consumer Culture, 8 (2), 219-243

  • Dr. Diana Marre


Profesora Titular (i.e. Reader -UK system)

Autonomous University of Barcelona,




Adoption, inter-country and domestic, Fosterage, Family Diversity


Marre, Diana & Laura Briggs, ed. (2009). International Adoption: Global Inequalities and the Circulation of Children. New York: New York University Press.

  • Erik van Ommering

PhD Candidate

VU University Amsterdam,

The Netherlands


How children produce identifications and notions of violence in primary school environments in conflict-affected societies; Focus on Lebanon and the Middle East.


Sandra J.T.M. Evers, Catrien Notermans, and Erik van Ommering, eds. (fc.) African Children in Focus. A Paradigm Shift in Methodology and Theory. Leiden: Brill and NVAS.

  • Heidi Viterbo


PhD student

Law Department,

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)




How Israeli law and humanitarian bodies represent and construct childhood in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


‘The Age of Conflict: Rethinking Childhood, Law, and Temporality Through the Israeli-Palestinian Case’, in: Law and Childhood Studies (Michael Freeman ed., Oxford University Press, forthcoming).


  • Jörg Wiegratz


PhD candidate,

Department of Politics

University of Sheffield



International and cultural political economy and related aspects of sociology & anthropology, Sub-Saharan Africa/Uganda, neo-liberalism, moral economy, moral restructuring, market society, development, global capitalism (production, global value/commodity chains, business culture, aspects of socialization

‘Fake capitalism? The dynamics of neoliberal moral restructuring and pseudo-development: the case of Uganda’, Review of African Political Economy, Issue 124, June, 2010


  • Dr. John Wall


Associate Professor of Religion

Rutgers University,




Social ethics of childhood; children’s rights; children’s political representation; children and religion


Ethics in Light of Childhood (Georgetown Univ. Press, 2010)


Children and Armed Conflict , coeditor (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)


  • Joséphine WOUANGO


Ph.D Candidate,

Institute of Human and Social Sciences (IHSS), University of Liege, : Belgium ; ;

Child labour and public policies in Burkina Faso.


Health and violence on (working) children and education.


‘Child labour and the right to education in Burkina Faso: analysis from children at work in the quarry of Pissy’,Cahiers de recherche sur l’éducation et les savoirs.


‘Eternal return” of the child labor in public policies in Burkina Faso: historical perspective ", in Bonnet & al, The models of the early childhood in history and in Anthropology, Acts of the International conference , Paris, June 18-19th 2009

  • Dr. Laura Camfield

Lecturer in International Development,

University of East Anglia



Exploring, measuring and understanding subjective well-being in developing countries; studying experiences of poverty and resilience using qualitative and mixed methods approaches; and children and young people. Focus countries: Ethiopia and Thailand;

With Streuli, N., Woodhead, M. (2010), Children’s well-being in

developing countries: A conceptual and methodological review. European

Journal of Development Research, 22, 398-416.


‘Even if she learns, she doesn’t understand properly’. Children’s understandings of ill-being and poverty in five Ethiopian

communities. Social Indicators Research, 96 (1), 85-112.4

  • Dr. Liesbeth de Block


Lecturer MA Media, Culture and Communication, Institute of Education, University of London, UK




The meeting of communication technologies, migration, childhood and education; digital technologies for young peoples’ participation; education and media for social change and development; participatory and visual research methods.


With Buckingham, D (2010) Global Children, Global media: migration, media and childhood. Palgrave


'The Place to Be: making media with young refugees' In Hart, J., Years of Conflict: adolescence, political violence and displacement. New York/Oxford: Berghahn Books

  • Omri Grinberg.


PhD Student,

Hebrew University, Jerusalem,


Childhood and post-colonialism, representations of childhood, childhoods in the context of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict


  • Dr. Orna Naftali

Lecturer, Dept. of East Asian Studies,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt Scopus 91905 Jerusalem,


Discourses and practices of childhood and childrearing in modern and contemporary China; nationalism, militarism, and globalization in contemporary Chinese education


Naftali, Orna. 2010. “Caged Golden Canaries: Childhood, Privacy, and Subjectivity in Contemporary Urban China.” Childhood: A Journal of Global Child Research 17 (3): 1-15


Naftali, Orna. 2009. “Empowering the Child: Children’s Rights, Citizenship and the State in Contemporary China.” TheChina Journal 61 (Jan. 2009): 79-104.


Naftali, Orna. 2008. “Treating Students as Subjects: Globalization, Childhood, and Education in Contemporary China,” pp. 251-74 in The Production of Educational Knowledge in the Global Era, Julia Resnik, ed. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers



  • Dr. Roy Huijsmans



University of Amsterdam



Children’s involvement in migration and human trafficking, children’s work and education, conceptualisations and theorisations of childhood and youth in relation to development, relations of gender and generation, concepts of age, and ethnography

Geographical Focus: South East Asia

Huijsmans, R. (2008) ‘Children Working Beyond their Localities: Lao children working in Thailand’, Childhood, 15(3): 331-353


Huijsmans, R. and Kabmanivanh Phouxay. (2008). ''Whether you go illegally or legally in the end it's the same, you're cheated' A study of formal and informal recruitment practices of Lao workers migrating to Thailand'. International Labour Organisation, National University of Laos: Vientiane.


  • Dr. Samantha Punch


Senior Lecturer in Sociology

University of Stirling



Rrural childhoods in Bolivia; children’s experiences of sibling relationships and birth order in the UK;


household livelihoods and youth migration in Asia.


(2009) ‘Researching Childhoods in Rural Bolivia’, in Tisdall, K., Davis, J. and Gallagher, M. (eds) Researching with Children and Young People: Research Design, Methods and Analysis, London: Sage, pp.89-96.


With Panelli, R., & Robson, E. (Eds) (2007) Global Perspectives on Rural Childhood and Youth: Young Rural Lives, London: Routledge.


(2007) ‘Negotiating Migrant Identities: Young People in Bolivia and Argentina’, Children’s Geographies, 5(1): 95-112.

  • Professor Saul Becker

Professor of Social Policy and Social Care University of Nottingham, England, UK

Director of Young Carers International


Children as caregivers


global perspectives on young carers, especially the UK, USA, Australia and Sub-Saharan Africa

With Evans, R. (2009) Children Caring for Parents with HIV and AIDS: Global Issues and Policy Responses, The Policy Press, Bristol.


(2007) ‘Global perspectives on children’s unpaid caregiving in the family: Research and policy on ‘young carers’ in the UK, Australia, the USA and Sub-Saharan Africa’, Global Social Policy, Vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 23-50.


  • Dr. Susan Shepler


Assistant Professor, International Peace and Conflict Resolution

American University



Social construction of childhood and youth in West Africa

Recruitment and reintegration of child soldiers

Child fosterage in West Africa

Children and displacement and migration

Child rights in local contexts

Postconflict reconstruction of education systems


“Youth Music and Politics in Postwar Sierra Leone.” Forthcoming in Journal of Modern African Studies. 48(4). December 2010


“The Rites of the Child: Global Discourses of Youth and Reintegrating Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone” Journal of Human Rights 4(2)


  • Dr. Valentina Boretti


British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

SOAS, University of London,



Childhood and material culture in modern Chin

“Playing for the nation: Kindergarten toys in republican China”. Revista de estudos chineses/Zhongguo yanjiu 4 (2008): 167-180


“Purposeful leisure: Aspects of toy discourse in republican China”. Princeton University Library Chronicle 68.3 (2007): 880-908


  • Valerie Huggins


Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies

University of Plymouth


Childhood and Wellbeing in the Developing World, with a focus on Early Years Education and Care, which includes the professional development of the practitioners

The relationships between schools/settings/practitioners in the developed world and the developing world through initiatives such as Global Links, run by DfID, or VSO

Carter-Dillon, R. & Huggins, V. (2010) ‘Childhood and Well-being in the Developing World’ in Leeson, C. & Parker-Rees, R. (eds) (2010) Early Childhood Studies: an introduction to the study of children’s worlds and children’s lives, (3rd ed.) Exeter: Learning Matters


  • Claire O’Kane


International Child Rights and Consultant and Associate, The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation, University of Central Lancashire, UK.


Children’s rights, diverse childhoods, children’s participation and citizenship, child protection, conflict and peace building.


Thomas, N. and O’Kane, C. (2009) Children's participation in reviews and planning meetings when they are ''looked after'' in middle childhood. In ‘Children in State Care’ Edited by Mark Courtney, Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Washington, USA and June Thoburn, University of East Anglia, UK.

Feinstein, C., Giertsen, A. and O’Kane, C. (2009) Children’s Participation in Armed Conflict and Post Conflict Peace Building.’ Barry Percy-Smith and Nigel Thomas (Ed) ‘A Handbook of Children and Young People’s Participation’. Routlegde.

O’Kane, C. (2008) ‘The Development of Participatory Techniques: Facilitating Children’s Views about Decisions Which Affect Them’ in Christensen, P. and James, A. (Eds) Research With Children: Perspectives and Practice 2 nd Edition. Routledge Press: London and New York

  • Samuel Okyere


PhD Student, University of Nottingham




Discourses on childhood; child rights and protection; migration; agency; resilience and adversities in children’s lives; the development and implementation of child welfare policy particularly in developing states/welfare systems.



  • Dr Nicola Ansell

Reader in Human Geography, Brunel University


Impacts of social and cultural change (particularly education and AIDS) on young people in southern Africa


Ansell N (2010) ‘The discursive construction of childhood and youth in AIDS interventions in Lesotho’s education sector: beyond global-local dichotomies’ Environment and Planning D – Society and Space 28, 791-810

Ansell N and Smith F (2009) ‘Young people, care and social wellbeing’ in Smith S, Marston S, Pain R, and Jones JPIII (eds) Handbook of Social Geography Sage

Smith F and Ansell N (2009) Children/Childhood in Kitchen R and Thrift N (eds) International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography Elsevier

van Blerk L and Ansell N (2009) 'Alloparenting in the context of HIV/AIDS in southern Africa: complex strategies for care' in Bentley G and Mace R (eds) Biological and Social Perspectives on Alloparenting in Human Societies Berghahn, Oxford

Ansell N (2009) ‘Producing interventions for AIDS-affected young people in Lesotho’s schools: scalar relations and power differentials’ Geoforum 40(4) 675–685

Ansell N (2009) ‘Childhood and the politics of scale: descaling children’s geographies?’ Progress in Human Geography 32(2) 190-209 32(2) 190-209

  • Dr. Valeria LLobet
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas (CONICET)
Universidad Nacional de San Martín - Escuela de Humanidades - Programa de Estudios Sociales de Infancia y Juventud



Research Profile
Children's Social Policy and Welfare
Children and Youth Social Exclusion
Children's Rights
Street Children
Childhood and Dictatorship


Most Recent Publications
LLobet, V (Ed) 2013 Sentidos de la exclusión social. Beneficiarios, necesidades y prácticas en políticas sociales para la inclusión de niños y jóvenesEditorial Biblos, Buenos Aires.
Cosse, I., LLobet, V., Villalta, C. y Zapiola M. C. (Eds.): 2012 Infancias: políticas y saberes en Argentina y Brasil (siglos XIX y XX). Ed. Teseo, Buenos Aires
Llobet, V.: 2010 ¿Fábricas de niños? Instituciones y políticas para la infancia en la era de los derechosEd. Centro de Publicaciones Educativas y Material Didáctico, Buenos Aires.
LLobet, Valeria (Coord.), (en prensa) Pensar la Infancia desde América Latina. Un estado de la cuestión. Editorial CLACSO, Buenos Aires. 


  • Sjoukje Wartena

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

PhD candidate



Transnational Childhood & Youth; African Diaspora; Immigrant Children and Youth in the Dutch Educational System; International (Immigrant) Churches in the Dutch Secular Society; Urban Issues; mixed methods.

Abstract of research:

How immigrant children, their parents and churches from African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern Diasporas in the Netherlands, living in a segregated area, struggle to fit in the Dutch Educational System; and how Dutch policies and practices on immigration and education are not adapted to the lived realities of transnational childhood.




Wartena, S., G.D. Bertram-Troost & S. Miedema (2008)
Christian immigrant youth from the Maranatha Community Transformation Center in between family, church and school. A case study from Amsterdam Zuidoost. In H.C. Stoffels & M.M. Jansen (Ed.), (Ed.), A Moving God. Immigrant Churches in the Netherlands. (pp. 79-102). Zürich/Berlin: LIT Verlag.